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Weekly A, B-C wrestling polls here

Here are a couple wrestling polls that are compiled and sent out weekly by coaches. We get the Class B-C poll weekly from Glasgow coach Byron Hallock, and I’m not at all sure who cranks out the Class A each week. The AA poll has been more inconsistent, but when we get it, we’ll post it here.

Congrats to Shelby Grant, Ronan’s 160-pounder; St. Ignatius (and Charlo) 171-pounder Jacen Peterson, who is No. 1 in Class B-C; In Class A, local wrestlers Shawn Roberts of Columbia Falls (112) and Wolf Zink of Whitefish (heavyweight) are top ranked.

Here are the polls:

Class A poll
Team — Sidney, Havre, Belgrade, Glendive, Frenchtown, Anaconda, Polson, Hardin, Lewistown, Corvallis.
98 — K. Kennelly, Havre; Clay Stillwagon, Butte Central; Claton Carter, Laurel; Caleb Bignell, Frenchtown; Wyatt Vanburen, Sidney; Thunder Morales, Polson.
105 — Ethan Graves, Sidney; Grasen Brenna, Havre; Cody Warner, Frenchtown; Pleninger, Havre; Carson Meyer, Anaconda; Cameron Linstead, Columbia Falls.
112 — Shawn Roberts, Columbia Falls; Zach Wall, Billings Central; Chase Conner, Corvallis; Layne Shafer, Sidney; Tyler Ishler, Frenchtown; Stewart, Havre.
119 — Gres Jones, Sidney; Hunter Grover, Lewistown; Carlos Quinones, Polson; Dakota Erickson, Belgrade; Josh Venema, Corvallis; Kyle Lubke, Hamilton.
125 — J. Deegan, Belgrade; Trei Bullock, Lewistown; Zack Crase, Libby; Ryan Chatterton, Sidney; Gunner Fairbanks, Corvallis; Matt Bodish, Anaconda.
130 — Dillon Tennant, Glendive; Karson Kukes, Laurel; Thomas Gruber, Havre; Tyler Forcella, Glendive; Josiah Osborne, Columbia Falls; Johnson, Belgrade.
135 — Bryce Weatherston, Belgrade; Cody Lemon, Frenchtown; Mitch Haugen, Libby; Layne Lantis, Glendive; Mason Mavrinak, Anaconda; Jon Verlanic, Laurel.
140 — Jordan Stevens, Sidney; Dillon Beeler, Glendive; Craig Feistner, Polson; Keighton Svejkusky, Butte Central; Braden Dieziger, Lewistown; Chase Ramberg, Columbia Falls.
145 — Tyler Kinn, Glendive; Wyatt Lott, Corvallis; Keaton Sterling, Belgrade; Ricky Roach, Libby; Cody Johnson, Sidney; Rutherford, Browning.
152 –J. Malone, Lewistown; George Smith, Billings Central; Spencer Brost, Sidney; Zach Thompkins, Hamilton; Logan Fisher, Frenchtown; Levi Butkay, Hardin.
160 — K. Pickle, Belgrade; Cole Bilbrey, Glendive; Lane Boka, Dillon; Cody Christian, Sidney; Josh Bowers, Libby; J.T. Belcourt, Havre.
171 — Ethan Blythe, Lewistown; Ryder Peterson, Sidney; David Anderson, Frenchtown; J. Williams, Havre; Tyler Scheffer, Hamilton; Sean Getchell, Billings Central.
189 — Grant Pattison, Havre; Steve Keeten, Hardin; Dace Fisher, Sidney; Jaden Bryant, Belgrade; Colton Welhaven, Billings Central; Sam Gordan, Frenchtown.
215 — Sam Vanbeck, Belgrade; Tylor Adams, Havre; Bryce Wigert, Anaconda; James Wiedow, Corvallis; Joe Murdock, Hardin; Zak Dolezal, Libby.
Hwt — Wolf Zink, Whitefish; Cody Stone Murphy, Laurel; Donavan Hucke, Dillon; Jordan Zuraff, Frenchtown; R. Rutherford, Browning; B. Blumenshein, Belgrade.

Class B-C wrestling poll
Jan. 21
Team rankings, Class B – 1, Forsyth; 2, Choteau; 3, Ronan; 4, Cut Bank; 5, Harlem; 6, Colstirp; 7, Baker; 8, Columbus-Absarokee; 9, St. Ignatius; 10, Eureka.
Team rankings, Class C – 1, Chinook; 2, Cascade-Simms; 3, Fort Benton; 4, Belt; 5, Big Sandy.
Individual rankings
98 – 1, Lockwood, Broadus; 2, Johnson, Whitehall; 3, DeBruycker, Fort Benton; 4, Moon, Chinook; 5, Moore, Choteau; 6, Smith, Belt.
105 – 1, Martinez, Wolf Point; 2, Rhodes, Fairfield; 3, Parkin, Superior; 4, Reyling, Glasgow; 5, Schultz, St. Ignatius; 6, McArthur, Townsend.
112 – 1, Berkram, Cut Bank; 2, Snider, Harlem; 3, White, Eureka; 4, Norby, Chinook, 5, Snyder, Ronan; 6, Torgerson, Colstrip.
119 – 1, McDaniel, Forsyth; 2, Currier, Colstrip; 3, Durden, Eureka; 4, Schwope, Townsend; 5, Koening, Conrad; 6, Lawson, Florence.
125 – 1, M. Weber, Forsyth; 2, Jones, Harlem; 3, Kujala, Plains; 4, Giles, Fairfield; 5, Rhine, Ronan; 6, Rogers, Deer Lodge.
130 – 1, L. Weber, Forsyth; 2, Vermulum, Cut Bank; 3, Harmes, Forsyth; 4, Werdal, Choteau; 5, Meier, Columbus-Absarokee; 6, Goodwin, Plains.
135 – 1, French, Forsyth; 2, Smith, Cascade-Simms; 3, Trindle, Fort Benton; 4, Dumont, Ronan; 5, Stormer, Circle; 6, Kostelecky, Columbus-Absarokee.
140 – 1, Stone, Choteau; 2, Koenig, Baker; 3, N. Johnson, Cut Bank; 4, Benn, Ronan; 5, Gunderson, Thompson Falls; 6, R. Lesofski, Fairfield.
145 – 1, Nile, Forsyth; 2, Simanton, Malta; 3, French, Choteau; 4, Meier, Columbus-Absarokee; 5, A. Lesofski, Fairfield; 6, Lawson, Ronan.
152 – 1, L. Weber, Forsyth; 2, Denton, Ronan; 3, Croff, Belt; 4, Herring, Shepherd; 5, Jennings, Cut Bank; 6, Graf, Fairfield.
160 – 1, Grant, Ronan; 2, Melby, Baker; 3, Werdal, Choteau; 4, Plant, Arlee; 5, Durfee, Choteau; 6, Marcy, Forsyth.
171 – 1, Peterson, St. Ignatius; 2, French, Choteau; 3, Martin, Big Sandy; 4, Ridenhauer, Baker; 5, Carpenter, Shepherd; 6, Browning, Huntley Project.
189 – 1, Roberts, Ronan; 2, Cobbs, Florence; 3, Klingaman, Chinook; 4, Burshia, Poplar; 5, Hinojosa, Choteau; 6, Z. Rehm, Baker.
215 – 1, DeBruycker, Choteau; 2, Knows His Gun, Colstrip; 3, Sargent, St. Ignatius; 4, Lawson, Forsyth; 5, Adams, Harlem; 6, Hendrickson, Florence.
285 – 1, Yates, Colstrip; 2, Norick, Chester; 3, Nelson, Shelby; 4, Fisher, Shepherd; 5, Gorham, Plains; 6, Little Dog, Cut Bank.


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